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Lima-Perú Gastronomic Tour

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First Gastronomic Tour and History of Gastronomy in Peru

(Ceviche Classes)

The tour requires additional expenses for the preparation of the dishes and the cooking classes taught by category chefs, very APART is THE TIP (TIP). The metropolitan bus will be taken to reach the historic center. Tickets now included!

Symbolic cost for cooking classes: S/ 40 per person.

Do not miss the best gastronomic tour of your lives!


Suitable for people with reduced mobility.


3 hours


Available in English and Spanish


The tour requires the payment of tickets or additional expenses.

Gastronomic Tours

What Will We Know?

Are you ready to discover the most delicious traditional dishes of Peru and try exotic fruits never seen before?

Well get ready because that is what we will do in the first free food tour of Lima. Our journey will begin in the district of Miraflores to get to know the most important market and try 3 types of fruits native to Peru, then we will go to the historic center to take the spectacular ceviche and causa classes from Lima with our category chefs, at the end we will go to the central market and Chinatown to delight ourselves with the first chifas of Lima (Chinese-Peruvian restaurants) and street food, such as anticuchos and emollients, to later finish next to the president's house with 3 tests of our flagship liquor (pisco ). In total you could try an average of 4 dishes, which will vary according to the preferences of your choice being: Chaufa, Ceviche, Causa and Anticuchos.

Gastronomic Tours

Meeting Point

I will be at the door of the Ricardo Palma station in Miraflores with a yellow vest

English (Every Wednesday)

15:00h to 18:00h

Spanish (Everyday)

15:00h to 18:00h

How to Recognize Us?

We are waiting for you! We are ready to guide you through our beautiful Lima. Take our free walking tour Lima and Barranco.


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