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If you heard the wonderful stories of the historic center, you cannot miss the fabulous and bohemian district of Barranco.

Do not miss this unforgettable experience, we are waiting for you, promised to learn and have fun, do not miss it.


The tour is pet friendly.


2 hours


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Barranco Tours

What Will We Know?

The route will begin in the main square of Barranco where we will learn about all its surroundings and most important architectures and then approach the wonderful bridge of sighs, but not without first passing through the renowned car of what was our tram we will discover the statue of the great Chabuca granda and other singers and composers, then we will go down one of the most picturesque streets to appreciate the beautiful art of our best contemporary painters.

Barranco Tours

Meeting Point

We will be In the middle of the yellow vest square.

First Tour

18:00h to 20:00h

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We are waiting for you! We are ready to guide you through our beautiful Lima. Take our free walking tour Lima and Barranco.


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